Merry Christmas

Hey LJ, sorry I've been neglecting you. Haven't even really been signing on as much. Got a lot going on in my life. (And apparently, doing so caused an unexpected unfriending after that person left a mean comment to someone else in one of my entries...LJ Drama whoo...)

  • The new Zephyr had it's first performance a few weeks ago. This is a New Age group that's playing all original music - I'm even supposed to be writing some for it. We're having another sacred concert (based on Revelations) in March - and hopefully the website I'm making for them will be up by then. I'll let y'all know.
  • Also on the musical front, a few months ago I was hired to play drums in the first community theatre production of The Producers at the Rosewater Theatre in Roswell. It'll be a 4 week run starting the last weekend of May and going to the end of June. I did Nunsense with them this past year and it was a lot of fun. Email miscommunication caused them to hire someone new. Shocked me when I met my replacement at the latest rehearsal.
  • I've finally succumb to the last great internet trend that I avoided for so long - Facebook. The stalking powers of Facebook are nothing short of amazing. Did you know that a lot of the people I marched with in high school and college now play in the Atlanta Falcons Drumline? I didn't. I want to audition if they bring it back in 2009.
  • In non-music news, I'm starting up a new Internet TV show about video games to accompany my existing radio show. It's called Friday Night Gaming and I'll be doing it from the Computer ArenA in Roswell on (duh) Friday nights. (Except for during the aformentioned run of The Producers, when it will most likely move to a Saturday afternoon.) I think it has the possibility to really take off. We'll see.
  • Lynnie and I are fine, even if it is a lot louder in the apartment with all of these filters and fans going. She's leaving for Philly again for 10 days tomorrow (cheap flight on the 25th, who knew?) so I'll be spending the New Year alone. (Well, not really alone, I'll be at a party, but I won't be kissing anyone at midnight. Really, I won't.)

And there you have it. Have a Merry Christmas and see you next year!

p.s. spinch - A picture present for you. Don't worry, he'll get it. And then he will rage. And then he will get hungry.
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Video Game Event To Benefit Charity in Roswell, GA on Saturday, November 8th

Hey guys, just wanted to point you guys to MISSION: Pwning For A Cure - a charity event benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and put on by Alpharetta-based video game developers Hi-Rez Studios.

They're showing off their upcoming Action MMO game Global Agenda for the first time to the public, as well as having game development seminars and raffles featuring a Sony PSP and an iPod Nano. It's on Saturday (Tomorrow!) from Noon-5PM and admission is free.

It's at a place called the Computer ArenA in Roswell, right next door to the Hi-Fi Buys on Hwy 9 at Mansell Road. It's actually a really cool LAN gaming center that also has Wii's, Rock Band, and a Stepmania cabinet for the DDR people. It also has good food and BEER that is very nicely priced. (And it's good beer too, they have Sweetwater and Terrapin there.) If you're into gaming and can't make it out tomorrow, I think you should still check out the place sometime. They'd love your business, and their prices are VERY reasonable since they're trying to price it for college kids.

(Full disclosure: I don't work for Hi-Rez or Computer ArenA, but I am broadcasting on All Games Radio for the last two hours of the event.)

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Don't Hassle The Hoff.

I know today is an important day and all that...But, honestly, I think you should Command & Conquer This Life!

David Hasslehoff pimping the upcoming video game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 infomercial style - probably one of the BEST marketing campaigns I've seen for a game in a long time.

Mmm, That's Good RTS!
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To all the Bemani kids on my flist

The recent Xbox Live Arcade release of Beat'n Groovy really is just a stripped down Pop'n Music - even has Starmine in it. Unfortunately, instead of 5 and 9 button, you have 3 and 5 button, and I haven't found a way to speed up the note chart.

The ranked leaderboard is filled with Japanese gamertags though, they've really embraced it.

P.S. Hi. How are you?
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Video Killed The Podcasting Star?

I know I haven't written here in a while. I've been kinda preoccupied.

I attended the Penny Arcade Expo on the same weekend as Dragon*con and broadcasted 8 hours of live radio from the convention center. Lots of money and time went into this, and I'm proud of the results. (Unfortunately, due to my crappy hotel, the t-shirts we made specifically for the event were withheld from me even though I asked for them every day, but that's another battle for another day and I'm trying to not let it overshadow the other stuff.)

This project also has let me get back into video editing. I haven't done any video editing in quite a while - until now. Behold, my meager editing skills...An interview with the President of NetDevil about Jumpgate Evolution!

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I can hear...?!

So it's amazing to me what happens with our senses when they're being deprived of for so long.

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Anyway, here's a recent picture of me. These don't happen often, so mark it down on your calendar! (You can click it to make it bigger)

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What I've Been Up To

My Roland TD-20-S Setup at Nunsense, Rosewater Theatre, Roswell GA
Originally uploaded by blackwolfga.

I've been doing my first paying musical gig where I wasn't subbing for someone else all month. The play is called Nunsense, and it's being put on by the Rosewater Theatre. (Careful, there is music on that page that you can't turn off.) We have two more performances - tonight and tomorrow night, and then we close. It's been an interesting experience, and it sounds like I may be hired for future productions around this area.

This is why I haven't been around all that much...I have had very little free time all month.

Hope things are going well with you all. I celebrated the second anniversary of my 29th birthday this month, and also got burnt out on some other things that I enjoy. But if you read other blogs online, you would have thought that I died.
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