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Random Ramblings from Bobby Blackwolf

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Friday, April 1st, 2011
9:45 am - ...?

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Wednesday, December 24th, 2008
3:20 pm - Merry Christmas
Hey LJ, sorry I've been neglecting you. Haven't even really been signing on as much. Got a lot going on in my life. (And apparently, doing so caused an unexpected unfriending after that person left a mean comment to someone else in one of my entries...LJ Drama whoo...)

  • The new Zephyr had it's first performance a few weeks ago. This is a New Age group that's playing all original music - I'm even supposed to be writing some for it. We're having another sacred concert (based on Revelations) in March - and hopefully the website I'm making for them will be up by then. I'll let y'all know.
  • Also on the musical front, a few months ago I was hired to play drums in the first community theatre production of The Producers at the Rosewater Theatre in Roswell. It'll be a 4 week run starting the last weekend of May and going to the end of June. I did Nunsense with them this past year and it was a lot of fun. Email miscommunication caused them to hire someone new. Shocked me when I met my replacement at the latest rehearsal.
  • I've finally succumb to the last great internet trend that I avoided for so long - Facebook. The stalking powers of Facebook are nothing short of amazing. Did you know that a lot of the people I marched with in high school and college now play in the Atlanta Falcons Drumline? I didn't. I want to audition if they bring it back in 2009.
  • In non-music news, I'm starting up a new Internet TV show about video games to accompany my existing radio show. It's called Friday Night Gaming and I'll be doing it from the Computer ArenA in Roswell on (duh) Friday nights. (Except for during the aformentioned run of The Producers, when it will most likely move to a Saturday afternoon.) I think it has the possibility to really take off. We'll see.
  • Lynnie and I are fine, even if it is a lot louder in the apartment with all of these filters and fans going. She's leaving for Philly again for 10 days tomorrow (cheap flight on the 25th, who knew?) so I'll be spending the New Year alone. (Well, not really alone, I'll be at a party, but I won't be kissing anyone at midnight. Really, I won't.)

And there you have it. Have a Merry Christmas and see you next year!

p.s. spinch - A picture present for you. Don't worry, he'll get it. And then he will rage. And then he will get hungry.

current mood: merry

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Friday, November 7th, 2008
5:49 pm - Video Game Event To Benefit Charity in Roswell, GA on Saturday, November 8th
Hey guys, just wanted to point you guys to MISSION: Pwning For A Cure - a charity event benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and put on by Alpharetta-based video game developers Hi-Rez Studios.

They're showing off their upcoming Action MMO game Global Agenda for the first time to the public, as well as having game development seminars and raffles featuring a Sony PSP and an iPod Nano. It's on Saturday (Tomorrow!) from Noon-5PM and admission is free.

It's at a place called the Computer ArenA in Roswell, right next door to the Hi-Fi Buys on Hwy 9 at Mansell Road. It's actually a really cool LAN gaming center that also has Wii's, Rock Band, and a Stepmania cabinet for the DDR people. It also has good food and BEER that is very nicely priced. (And it's good beer too, they have Sweetwater and Terrapin there.) If you're into gaming and can't make it out tomorrow, I think you should still check out the place sometime. They'd love your business, and their prices are VERY reasonable since they're trying to price it for college kids.

(Full disclosure: I don't work for Hi-Rez or Computer ArenA, but I am broadcasting on All Games Radio for the last two hours of the event.)

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Wednesday, November 5th, 2008
7:04 pm - A gift for you who voted for him.
He wasn't my candidate, but he's going to be my president. (Unlike some people, I support the president of the opposing party if they get elected.)

So here's a gift for all of you:

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Tuesday, November 4th, 2008
3:54 pm - Don't Hassle The Hoff.
I know today is an important day and all that...But, honestly, I think you should Command & Conquer This Life!


David Hasslehoff pimping the upcoming video game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 infomercial style - probably one of the BEST marketing campaigns I've seen for a game in a long time.

Mmm, That's Good RTS!

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Wednesday, October 8th, 2008
12:44 pm - To all the Bemani kids on my flist
The recent Xbox Live Arcade release of Beat'n Groovy really is just a stripped down Pop'n Music - even has Starmine in it. Unfortunately, instead of 5 and 9 button, you have 3 and 5 button, and I haven't found a way to speed up the note chart.

The ranked leaderboard is filled with Japanese gamertags though, they've really embraced it.

P.S. Hi. How are you?

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Thursday, September 4th, 2008
11:51 am - Video Killed The Podcasting Star?
I know I haven't written here in a while. I've been kinda preoccupied.

I attended the Penny Arcade Expo on the same weekend as Dragon*con and broadcasted 8 hours of live radio from the convention center. Lots of money and time went into this, and I'm proud of the results. (Unfortunately, due to my crappy hotel, the t-shirts we made specifically for the event were withheld from me even though I asked for them every day, but that's another battle for another day and I'm trying to not let it overshadow the other stuff.)

This project also has let me get back into video editing. I haven't done any video editing in quite a while - until now. Behold, my meager editing skills...An interview with the President of NetDevil about Jumpgate Evolution!

LJ Cut Because It's An Embedded VideoCollapse )

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Thursday, August 7th, 2008
3:34 pm - Hi.

That is all.

current mood: Hi.

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Tuesday, June 10th, 2008
1:44 pm - I can hear...?!
So it's amazing to me what happens with our senses when they're being deprived of for so long.

Cut because it's TMI about earwax and you may not want to see itCollapse )

Anyway, here's a recent picture of me. These don't happen often, so mark it down on your calendar! (You can click it to make it bigger)

current mood: I can HEAR!

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Friday, May 23rd, 2008
3:53 pm - What I've Been Up To

My Roland TD-20-S Setup at Nunsense, Rosewater Theatre, Roswell GA
Originally uploaded by blackwolfga.

I've been doing my first paying musical gig where I wasn't subbing for someone else all month. The play is called Nunsense, and it's being put on by the Rosewater Theatre. (Careful, there is music on that page that you can't turn off.) We have two more performances - tonight and tomorrow night, and then we close. It's been an interesting experience, and it sounds like I may be hired for future productions around this area.

This is why I haven't been around all that much...I have had very little free time all month.

Hope things are going well with you all. I celebrated the second anniversary of my 29th birthday this month, and also got burnt out on some other things that I enjoy. But if you read other blogs online, you would have thought that I died.

current mood: artistic

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Thursday, May 1st, 2008
3:04 pm - Happy First of May
Just wanted to wish everyone a happy First of May. It's time to celebrate Spring!

Tonight's the dress rehearsal for my first ever musical pit band. A community theatre is doing a production of Nunsense, which is apparently some well-known off-broadway play from 1985. I had never heard of it, but it's pretty funny, especially since I was raised Roman Catholic.

I can cross something off of my "do this before you die" list!

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Friday, April 4th, 2008
5:33 pm - Been a rough 24 hours.
So, for those that are on both our friends lists, I will provide an update. For those that are just in mine, this is news to you. For those just on her friends list only, why are you stalking me? ;P

Lynnie's grandmother passed away. We found out late last night, and spent the evening calling airlines to see what the cheapest way to get to Philly on short notice was for her. Thankfully the reservation line is 24 hours and we even spoke to someone not in India! We got her on a Noon flight today for $350, one-way. Could have gotten her on a 7AM flight for the same price but noon worked out better.

So she's in Philly now on 12 hours notice. Not sure how long she'll be out there. Hopefully just a week, but it could be longer. She took my old laptop so she'll be online pretty soon and will probably want to see her friends that are in the area.

I'm fine, for those that ask. I'm not close to either her mother or grandmother - only spoken to them both once, and that was a year and a half ago. I get the place to myself for a while. :D But she could use any prayers/happy thoughts/good mojo that you can send her.

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Tuesday, April 1st, 2008
10:50 am - Be more imaginative.
If you're going to try to hit me with an April Fools Day joke this year, at least be imaginative.

Every single one people have tried to put on me has been a Rickroll. Yawn.

current mood: bored

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Friday, March 21st, 2008
1:56 am - Only posting to combat the "strike"
I'm only making a post because apparently, I'm not supposed to. And apparently, Allgames.com isn't supposed to make any posts either since our RSS feeds are syndicated on LJ.

Apparently it's "not that hard to do" to "stay away from LJ for 24 hours" and "not provide any content for LJ"...But sorry, it's still a part of the week and we still have stuff to put up on our feed.

So yeah, here's some free content for you!

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Saturday, March 15th, 2008
4:54 pm - Wait...What?
Wow, three posts in one day.

But this just made me go "huh?"

According to the AJC, Kentucky basketball fans want to SUE the Georgia Dome for not deeming the building safe enough to continue holding the SEC Tournament.

"Come Monday I will be filing in Fayette (Ky.) Circuit Court a class action suit against the Georgia Dome," said Kentucky fan Stephen Gray McFayden of Lexington. "I'm going to be seeing who I can sue and for what."


"Why should I be out that money," said Trudy Noble of Carrollton, Ky., who made the trip with her fiance and his parents. "The Georgia Dome insurance ought to pay me back.

"There ain't enough money in the world to pay me back for how scared I was in that Georgia Dome. I thought the building was going to fall down."

Now granted, they're mostly upset because they moved the games from a 26,000 seat venue to a 9,000 seat venue and decided to be fair and not do some kind of lottery to see who got in - so the place was really empty. But to sue the Georgia Dome for every penny they can get because it got hit with the first ever tornado to ever hit downtown Atlanta in recorded history? I thought that the place handled the F2 tornado very well - only a puncture in the roof and some swaying stuff. Nobody got hurt. In fact, officials were smiling with how well the building stood up to the direct hit, as they should be.

Sometimes the lawsuit-happy culture we live in today sickens me.

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2:59 pm - Round 2 went north
Round 2 of the tornados went just north of where I am - but directly towards taps7734 and xavi7734 - I think they're huddled in their basement right now as we speak avoiding baseball-sized hail. Hope they're okay.

It's sunny here, and I've been looking at the aerial damage of Atlanta and damn, it's extensive.

My only worry now is that we've avoided one from the south and avoided one from the north, I hope a third one doesn't decide to fill in that gap...

current mood: still safe

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3:16 am - Nowhere near it.
Just in case anyone sees the headlines and wants to know if we're okay, we are. We live quite a ways north of Atlanta proper, so the Great Atlanta Tornado that damaged the Georgia Dome, CNN Center, SunTrust Building, and several lofts and hotels was nowhere near where we were. All we got was a lot of thunder and lightning, but no rain.

But damn, it's weird seeing areas I've been many times so debris filled, it's like a war zone down there.

There's a neat Youtube video of the SEC Basketball Championship as the tornado hit - shows the rafters swaying and debris falling. Scary stuff.

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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008
11:46 pm - Medic!
So now I have something in common with oneautumnday - I am developing a medical issue within my right wrist.

I have no clue what exactly it is. Could be Carpal Tunnel, could be Tendinitis, could be Arthritis, could be a Bone Spur, could be an alien egg ready to come out and take over the world, I dunno. I've felt *something* going on in my right wrist in the past few months, especially when playing any type of percussion. But it was nothing more than what seemed like an itch. But this past Monday when I was playing Timpani (in the theme for Stargate Atlantis, if you're wondering) I brought my mallet down from a high angle, but not hard. And my wrist just seemed to rattle. That's really the best way to put it. Not painful, just...a rattling. Then there was some tingling in the wrist area and in a few spots up my arm. And then it went away probably 5 seconds later - while I was still playing. In fact, it really seems like it only gets aggrivated when I'm playing timpani or hitting a suspended cymbal at a weird angle - anything that sends vibrations back through the stick. I feel fine playing a drumset or snare drum or bells or anything else, and I really feel fine when I'm playing timps, just not when I'm doing flashy visual moves. (Which I haven't done since this rattling.)

I'm going to call tomorrow and set up an appointment with an orthopedist for sometime in the next week. The director of my Wednesday night band reccomended one in the same office that Lynnie went to for her broken foot, and says that he was even a band geek in college. So at least I can speak on those terms. I'm sure the fact I work on a computer all day and use a mouse all day doesn't help matters.

I guess the good part is - it doesn't hurt yet, and it seems like it's a very recent development. But I'm more on edge psychologically now and worrying about my wrist a lot. Tonight I was so worrying that what I was playing would hurt, and then be prepared for some type of rattling, and then...nothing. My wrist felt fine. But I *know* something's the matter, and that's probably worse than physically feeling it.

And the best/worst part about this? I actually am in the process of crossing out another entry on my "Things I Would Love To Do Before I Die" list. I got called last week by a music director for a theatre company in this area, and they wanted to hire me to play in a pit band for a musical. It was originally for 30 nights, but I couldn't make one night in March and I can't do two nights in May due to other commitments, so I'm only doing the May run. (They're doing it in two cities - March/April in one just up the highway, and May in the one I live in.) Yeah, seems kinda weird, but they had someone who could do the entire first run and then will fill in for the nights I can't do it in May. So I'd be playing 10 shows in May on Friday and Saturday nights and a Sunday matinee for a nominal fee. It's kinda cool - it's something I've never done and always thought it would be cool to do.

I just hope that my wrist doesn't get in the way.

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Monday, February 18th, 2008
7:42 pm - Gonna be kind of a tough week.
So, the Game Developers Conference is this week. I won't be attending.

This is the first major game industry event that I haven't attended in the past three years.

The suckiest part is that I've been getting emails for the past few weeks from companies asking me to come visit their booth and get free stuff/interviews/networking/etc ... twist the knife there more, fellas!

(I'm not going because I can't afford it myself, and it makes more sense to the site I work for that they send their hot chick news reporter to be our representative rather than a fat guy with a goatee. We'll probably get more hits from her coverage, too.)

current mood: Hey LJ, why isn't EMO a mood?!

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Tuesday, February 12th, 2008
12:15 pm - I still date my checks 2007.
Oh, I have a LiveJournal, apparently. I only got 80 nudges to remind me!

A rundown of things that have happened since I last updated:

  • My father was in the hospital for a week due to some wounds on his leg that weren't healing with home treatment. First time he's spent the night in a hospital in over 40 years. He's getting better now, although he has to use a motorized wheelchair to get around more often. That sucker goes fast, though - I want one!
  • Christmas came and went. I got Super Mario Galaxy and Eye of Judgment. Helped get a USB Turntable for my dad so he can rip all his vinyl to MP3. My mother got him an HD-DVD player...Oops.
  • Got my Rock Band guitar and drums fixed from EA, sorta. Still have to use duct tape on the drums to make sure that the connections are there for faster stuff.
  • We experienced a blizzard. The snow HAD to have been at least two inches. The city shut down for the day. Photos here!
  • Went to Orlando for Video Games Live in January, and then went to see Blue Man Group the next night. (It was all at Universal Citywalk.) Spent a day at Universal Studios Florida and got to see the holographic Christopher Walken play a B-movie director in the Disaster! attraction that opened that week. (Replaced the old Earthquake ride, but the ride itself is the same, they just changed the pre-show.)
  • The Bobby Taxi Service has closed. Lynnie bought a car - a 2007 Hynduai Accent. Good deal, cost less than the KBB value, was formerly an 8 month commercial lease. Now she can find a better paying job that's not on the bus line. Photos here (along with Universal photos)!
  • Found out that Rush is coming to the amphitheater being built right down the street from my apartment in July. Will so be there, if only to experience Far Cry live again. (That and it's literally a 5 minute drive.)

Other than that, I've tried to actually start jogging. Yeah, no shit. Fat boy jogging, whoo! Essentially the route is I speed-walk up to a paved path that's between my apartment complex and the office complex next door, and then jog for 30-45 seconds and walk for a few minutes, and then repeat that. I can usually do 3 stints of jogging down to the end of the path and then 2 stints coming back. If I can do this 2-3 times a week I'll be happy - so far I've only been able to do it twice a week.

And now you see why I haven't posted anything here for a while!

...Also because I actually wrote this entry an hour ago, and the LJ servers have been down since I finished it...

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